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Spring 2024

Graduate Courses being offered in Spring 2024

These are courses that may be of interest to graduate students.  Level 800 courses are available only to graduate students.

Language classes numbered 401 and 402 may be taken by ROMS students, but these courses do not count towards credit hours for your degree.

This list is for reference purposes only.  Please check ConnectCarolina for all official course offerings & meeting times for the semester.

FREN 489
19th-Century Literature and Culture: Borders/Frontières
French Phonetics and Phonology
FREN 675
L’empire et la race sur la scène française, XVII-XVIIIe siècles
ITAL 735
Boccaccio’s Lives and Afterlives
SPAN 621
Literary and Cultural History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 676
Advanced Spanish Phonology
SPAN 684
Spanish Dialectology and Variation
SPAN 738
Spanish Intellectual History: “Del Colonialismo Lingüístico al Pensamiento Decolonial.”
SPAN 834
Sepharad: Modern Spain in Transatlantic and Mediterranean Dialogues
SPAN 835.001
Gender Troubles: Latin American Women Writers of the 21st Century
SPAN 835.002
Addressing Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: texts, contexts, critical approaches Professional Development for Romance Studies
ROML 800
Professional Development for Romance Studies