In our undergraduate programs, students acquire competence in the practice and analysis of Romance languages together with a critical knowledge of the written, oral, and visual traditions of their origin and diaspora. Our faculty promotes interdisciplinary connections and incorporates the study of literature, culture, theory and history across the curriculum. Through coursework that emphasizes rhetoric, composition, and written and oral expression, our majors receive sustained personalized training in critical thinking and close reading.

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French at UNC-CH gives students the opportunity to acquire a good command of the language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension), introducing them to French and Francophone literatures and cultures.


UNC-CH has a rich tradition of Italian studies, including courses on language, literature, film, food, politics, history, philosophy, and theater. Students may obtain a major or minor in Italian, and many combine Italian with their other areas of specialization.


Portuguese at UNC-CH combines the study of the language, culture, and literatures of Brazil and Portugal. Emphasis is placed on the language as it is currently spoken and its historical development.


Spanish Studies at UNC-CH thrives on innovative literary, linguistic and theoretical approaches to the Spanish-speaking world, and includes the study of indigenous, Afro-descendant, Asian, and other cultures.