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Studying French at UNC-CH gives students the opportunity to acquire a good command of the French language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension),introducing them to French and Francophone literatures and cultures. To experience the culture and language firsthand, students can participate in a wide choice of study abroad programs (summer semester and full year) and internships, including the UNC study abroad program in Montpellier.

The French major provides students with a more thorough command of the language, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the literatures, cultures, and civilization of the francophone world.  French majors are also trained in research methodology in French, Francophone, and European Studies.

French majors have gone on to careers in education, international business, law, journalism, publishing, social work, and health, as well as graduate study in French.  The diverse offerings of the program include courses such as French Civilization, Business French, Advanced Oral and Written French, Introduction to French and Francophone Literatures, The Role of France in Europe Today, and Identities in European Cinema.

The gateway course for the major in French and Francophone Studies is FREN 255, 260 or 262. The requirements consist of nine courses between FREN 255, 260, or 262 and FREN 699.

ONE course in grammar and composition:

  • FREN 300 Review Grammar and Composition

SEVEN additional courses above FREN 204, which must include:

  • At least one course focused on French and Francophone contexts up to 1789
  • At least one course focused on French and Francophone contexts since 1789
  • At least four courses taught in French

Students interested in French and francophone studies should consult the undergraduate advisor for French and francophone studies. Students who plan to teach in public high schools should also see the School of Education for information on teacher certification.

We offer a strong emphasis on European and Francophone Studies and a Language across the Curriculum Program (LAC), that allows students to participate in one-hour one-credit discussion sections in French, in a wide array of courses across the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students unable to undertake a full 9-course French major program may register for a French minor, which will appear on the student’s UNC-CH transcript. The minor consists of FREN 300 and four additional courses numbered above FREN 204, excluding FREN 308, FREN 401, FREN 402, FREN 601, FREN 692H. At least two courses (six hours) must be above 300. This option also is available to students in some professional schools.
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