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ROMS Alumni

Laura Wilder
Undergraduate Alum
Upon entering UNC, I had no idea how ROMS, particularly Italian, would shape my college career and where I am today. A semester is all it took for me to fall in love with the Italian language and culture and to decide to study abroad twice in Florence and Bologna, pick up the Italian major, and earn the UNC Robinson Honors Fellowship to research lace in Burano. The experiences I had through ROMS helped me reach my full potential and led me to pursue work in the study abroad field with the goal of one day working in Italy as a program coordinator. I just started a job as the Resident Director of the University of Portland’s Salzburg Center and love helping other students dream big abroad!
Brenna Kuder
Undergraduate Alum
ROMS helped me to unlock some amazing opportunities in my undergraduate career. One of the professors helped me study abroad in Ecuador, where I gained a deeper understanding of the language. I want to go into agriculture, and with the skills that I was taught in my many Spanish classes, I was able to tour large flower farms while abroad and understand the intricacies of their day-to-day operations. That knowledge has already helped me in my farming jobs at home, as well as given me the chance to work beyond the U.S. I am excited to see where my Spanish minor takes me, and I am grateful to the grammar, vocabulary, and culture that I studied during my time with ROMS.
Hannah Rayala
Undergraduate Alum
I started my Spanish for the Medical Professions minor during my sophomore year of undergrad realizing that I needed a break from my many science classes. I found that and so much more with my minor in the ROMS department. I’ve enjoyed every Spanish class I’ve taken, especially SPAN 261 and 321 with Profesora Hélène de Fays. In particular, I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in casual Spanish conversations with my classmates and investigate topics of interest in Latin America. Overall, it has given me a balanced and well-rounded outlook on my chosen career path and made me realize the importance of human connection and communication, a consideration I will carry into my medical career.
Abby Seitz
Undergraduate Alum
The Italian Department goes above and beyond in their dedication to teaching and supporting students. Dr. Chambless pours her all into teaching. She brings an unmatched energy, passion, and dedication with her to class every day. Despite struggling at times, I always felt supported and encouraged. When I felt my progress was lagging, she would make time to help me outside of the classroom. This type of support carried on throughout my journey with Italian, as my professors continued to spend hours of their time working with me and supporting me. The dedication and willingness of the Italian professors to help me learn is what motivated me to pursue a major in Italian.
Aditi Kharod
Undergrad Alum
I had an amazing experience taking French classes in this department. All the faculty are so helpful and kind, while pushing students to measurably improve their language skills. I was successfully able to live and study in Geneva, Switzerland for three months during my junior year with the skills I was taught at UNC from the ROMS faculty, and I’m currently a graduate student who will study at Sciences Po Grenoble for the next two semesters taking advanced courses in both English and French. This would not have been possible without the UNC French department and its incredible faculty, including Dr. Dorothea Heitsch, Dr. Nina Furry, Dr. Jessica Tanner, and especially Dr. Valérie Pruvost.
William Thomason
William Thomason
Undergrad Alumni
Because of the knowledge and experience I gained from my Spanish classes at UNC, I am able to comfortably work with Spanish-speaking youth in New York City and abroad. With a broad knowledge of the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, along with Spanish communication skills I learned throughout my time at UNC, I lead culturally responsive arts workshops with confidence. My work in the international non-profit sector has been enhanced because of the abilities that I sharpened through my experience in the UNC Department of Romance Studies.
Alejandra Márquez
Graduate Alumni
My experience as a PhD student at ROMS helped me adequately prepare for my current position as an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Michigan State University. The department has world-class faculty whose teaching, feedback, and willingness to help allowed me to get to where I am today. I was also given opportunities to teach a variety of courses as a graduate student, helping me better understand how to create innovative classes. Furthermore, my cohort was instrumental in growing as a scholar and colleague and I am happy to say that I continue to collaborate with peers that I met while at UNC. ROMS is a fantastic department and it was certainly the best choice for me.
Dana Trumpower
Dana Trumpower
Undergrad Alumni
The ROMS department at UNC left a significant impact on my life that I would have never expected. I began only minoring in French, but with the support of the department, I ended up majoring in French, becoming president of the French National Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, and writing an Honors Thesis in the department. These experiences drove me to study abroad and then to move to France after college where I felt prepared and excited to work in my second language. Now back in the U.S., still with the encouragement from my UNC professors, I am pursuing my Masters in Education so that I can teach high school French. I hope I can pass on the passion UNC inspired me with to my students.
Francisco Chen-Lopez
Graduate Alumni
As an international student, I truly appreciate the accepting and friendly environment ROMS has created. I met wonderful colleagues and mentors and started friendships that I anticipate lasting for the rest of our lives. During my graduate studies, I was well prepared for a career in academia. Thanks to the excellent mentorship I received, as a Ph.D. candidate who went on the job market for the first time, I was able to secure a tenure-track position at Spelman College. All this would not be possible without ROMS.

Recent Graduates

Bessette, Jordan
Ph.D. Student
Booker, Sarah
Ph.D. Candidate
Bouvier, Quentin
Ph.D. Student
Chen-López, Francisco (Paco)
Ph.D. Candidate
Goetzl, Ugo
Ph.D. Student
Jones, Elizabeth
Ph.D. Student
Mangravite, Gina
Ph.D. Candidate
Monroy, Emma
Ph.D. Candidate
Porras Chaves, Andrés
Ph.D. Student
Student's NameDegreeGraduation Year
Andres Porras ChavesPHD2022
Charlotte Rose CastellanoMA2022
Elizabeth Jan JonesPHD2022
Franklin GomezMA2022
Hannah Faith CallahanMA2022
Sarah Kathleen BookerPHD2022
Francisco Y. Chen-LópezPHD2022
Jordan BessettePHD2022
Gina MangravitePHD2022
Alexandra Ruth GoldychMA2021
Amanda Danielle MoehlenpahPHD2021
Francesco BratosPHD2021
Martha Maria Moreno LinaresPHD2021
Maury Katherine Young BruhnPHD2021
Sarah Catherine LandisMA2021
Thomas N Phillips IIPHD2021
John KriegPHD2020
Kyle Sloane McquillanMA2020
Maria De Las Nieves Gonzalez-FuentesPHD2020
Martina AdaniPHD2020
Martino RabaioliPHD2020
Natalie Marie LovePHD2020
Rhiannon Rose JohnsonPHD2020
Tessa Bullington WarrenPHD2020
Valentina GraziusoMA2020
Adrienne ErazoPHD2019
Alessia MartiniPHD2019
Anne-Shirley HarfordPHD2019
Brooke Miranda Farmer SibrianMA2019
Carlos Vazquez CruzPHD2019
Elena Nicole CaseyPHD2019
Elena Pena ArguesoMA2019
Emiliano GuaraldoPHD2019
Etna Veronica Avalos MolinaPHD2019
Giuliano MiglioriPHD2019
Holly Elise SimsPHD2019
Jossette BaileyMA2019
Kirsten KaneMA2019
Madeleine A RileyMA2019
Massimiliano CirulliPHD2019
Yanexy Daniela CardonaMA2019
Alejandra Marquez GuajardoPHD2018
Angela RitterPHD2018
April WeintrittPHD2018
Catherine VianoPHD2018
Courtney A HewittMA2018
Dario Raul PunalMA2018
David Baker GillMA2018
Ellynn Hundley LoftusMA2018
Hannah Rae CookMA2018
Juliana A ZabalaMA2018
Kate GoodPHD2018
Katherine Ruth Marie KalivodaMA2018
Keith E. SchaeferPHD2018
Megan Anne FenrichMA2018
Santiago Giron GesteiraMA2018
Wesley Costa de MoraesPHD2018
Andrew Jordan GardPHD2017
Daniela Cunico Dal PraPHD2017
Derek Scott SegebarthMA2017
Diamond Erica NicoleMA2017
Donald Miller McLean IIIMA2017
Elisa SalemiMA2017
Erica Nicole DiamondMA2017
Francis JohnnyMA2017
Gregory SeverynPHD2017
Henry Parker BrookieMA2017
Jhonn Nilo Guerra BandaMA2017
Johnny FrancisMA2017
Julian Diez TorresPHD2017
Olivia Grace NaegerMA2017
Mary Greenwood2016
Ricardo Huaman2016
Sydney Conrad2016
Tessa Gurney2016
Francisco Laguna-Correa2016
Emily Clark2016
Maria Fellie2016
Maureen Melita2016
Daria Bozzato2016
Andrew GardPHD2016
Antonio Balson Fernandez AmaroPHD2016
Colleen Marie McalisterMA2016
Diana Isabel GarciaPHD2016
Kate Elizabeth Greenburg2016
Katherine Elizabeth GreenburgPHD2016
Kelly Ann GoldsmithMA2016
Sarah Elizabeth BlantonMA2016
Wendy CombsMA2016
Phillip Hollingsworth2015
Michael Sguerri2015
Xin Liu2015
Fransisco Brignole2015
Grant Gearhart2015
Adriana Cerami2015
Anca Koczkas2015
Bessette Jordan MauriceMA2015
Booker Sarah KathleenMA2015
Brignole FranciscoPHD2015
Bunch Cameron JohnMA2015
Cameron John BunchMA2015
Campilongo XiomaraPHD2015
Cegelski Sarah ApffelPHD2015
Cerami Adriana N.PHD2015
Christine Marie MartinezMA2015
Cranford Emily RosePHD2015
Elizabeth Jan JonesMA2015
Elizabeth Joslyn FisherMA2015
Elizabeth Lavin ForgielMA2015
Elizabeth Smith2015
Emily Rose CranfordPHD2015
Hayden James ArthurMA2015
James Arthur HaydenMA2015
James Michael TempletonMA2015
Johnson Rhiannon RoseMA2015
Jordan Maurice BessetteMA2015
Kim Stella SoojinPHD2015
Koczkas AncaPHD2015
Miguel Andrés RochaPHD2015
Rhiannon Rose JohnsonMA2015
Sarah Apffel CegelskiPHD2015
Sarah Kathleen BookerMA2015
Stella Soojin KimPHD2015
Xiomara Campilongo GomezPHD2015
Carmen Perez-Muñoz2014
Mercedes Baillargeon2014
Martha van der Drift2014
Rosa Ibanez2014
Sarah Peterson2014
Adani MartinaMA2014
Adrienne D. ErazoMA2014
Brian Donovan JohnsonPHD2014
Caitlin Elizabeth LeclairMA2014
Cannamela DanilaPHD2014
Carlos Abreu MendozaPHD2014
Colchero Dorado RosarioPHD2014
Danila CannamelaPHD2014
Delfino Massimiliano LucaMA2014
Ellis E. HughesPHD2014
Erazo Adrienne D.MA2014
Ibanez Rosa BelenPHD2014
John Stewart BankheadPHD2014
Kaitlin Anne GoodMA2014
Kenneth Max GorfklePHD2014
Martina AdaniMA2014
Massimiliano Luca DelfinoMA2014
Neil David AndersonPHD2014
Noah Turner MyersMA2014
Peterson Sarah AshleyPHD2014
Rosario Colchero DoradoPHD2014
Stephanie Lauren KarampelasMA2014
Tyler Randolph OakleyPHD2014
Michael Maher2013
Robert Sapp2013
Kathleen Boyle2013
Esther Sanchez-Couto2013
Angelo Castagnino2013
Keri Chandler2013
Sherry Venere2013
Metello Mugnai2013
Anne Steinberg2013
Anna Bernard - HoverstadMA2013
Anne-Shirley HarfordMA2013
Emily Rose LochMA2013
Gloria AmersonMA2013
Katherine Elizabeth KarcherMA2013
Laura Katherine HancoxMA2013
Lorenzo Marco SalvagniPHD2013
Maury Katherine Young BruhnMA2013
Robert Austin SappPHD2013
Ruben Adrian RosalesMA2013
Suja Reyad SawaftaMA2013
Angela Lynn RitterMA2012
April Danielle WeintrittMA2012
Brandon Kyle EssaryPHD2012
Britton White NewmanPHD2012
Cale James LasalataPHD2012
Helen Camp MatthewsPHD2012
Isabella Delaine ArcherMA2012
John (Sam) KriegMA2012
Julie M. WarnerMA2012
Scott Ernest NelsonPHD2012
Carole Chrystel MaccottaPHD2011
Emily Joy ClarkMA2011
Greg SeverynMA2011
Holly Lynn CollinsPHD2011
Jacqueline C. DoughertyPHD2011
Jessica Turner Newth GreenfieldPHD2011
Jonathan Paul O'ConnerPHD2011
Joshua Shaw WassonMA2011
Lorenzo Stefano BorgotalloPHD2011
Maria Del Carmen Cana JimenezPHD2011
Michael Richard ScottMA2011
Philip Clark HollingsworthMA2011
Tessa Claire GurneyMA2011
Vinodh VenkateshPHD2011
Alexandra Danielle GarberMA2010
Carina Lynn BriggsMA2010
Emily Miller PutmanMA2010
Encarnacion Cruz JimenezMA2010
Jamey Leigh CookMA2010
Jenna Michelle DebsMA2010
Julia M RiordanPHD2010
Julian Hamilton KilleyMA2010
Katherine Elizabeth GreenburgMA2010
Marcela Beatriz RissoMA2010
Martha Elizabeth Ledbetter AlexanderPHD2010
Megan Irene EidsonMA2010
Michael Robert WeinbergMA2010
Michael SguerriMA2010
Susan Abigail GuironnetMA2010
Adriana N. CeramiMA2009
Aida P AbreuPHD2009
Alison Kara ZinkMA2009
Anca KoczkasMA2009
Bilgen AkmanMA2009
Brandon Kyle EssaryMA2009
Carlos Abreu MendozaMA2009
Carmen Perez MunozMA2009
Elizabeth Irene TrexlerMA2009
Graham S IgnizioPHD2009
Grant Allen GearhartMA2009
Helen Camp MatthewsMA2009
Julee Rebecca LaporteMA2009
Luis Miguel Coelho GoncalvesPHD2009
Mandy Lea McgregorMA2009
Manhal D DandashiPHD2009
Maria Christina FellieMA2009
Mary Sinclair GreenwoodMA2009
Matthew Lee HarperPHD2009
Megan Elizabeth BeckMA2009
Scott Ernest NelsonMA2009
Stewart Arthur PeltoMA2009
Sydney Kellen ConradMA2009
Bernard J LuscansPHD2008
Britton White NewmanMA2008
Celia Garzon-ArrabalPHD2008
Cristina Casado PresaPHD2008
Isabel Cristina R. FerreiraPHD2008
Jeffrey Lyman BirdsongPHD2008
John Lance LeeMA2008
Julia R MastroPHD2008
June Elizabeth MauldinPHD2008
Kenneth Max GorfkleMA2008
Patricia H Fuentes LimaPHD2008
Paul H RogersPHD2008
Pia Lenore BertucciPHD2008
Rosario Colchero DoradoMA2008
Scott D YoungdahlPHD2008
Silvia Giovanardi ByerPHD2008
Stella Soojin KimMA2008
Adrienne Joyce Wood RoyoPHD2007
Allison S ConnollyPHD2007
Ashlee S BalenaPHD2007
Beatriz Lomas-LozanoPHD2007
Brian T ChandlerPHD2007
Cale James LasalataMA2007
Camille BetheaPHD2007
Catherine A. I. ShadePHD2007
Corina DuenasPHD2007
David CaneMA2007
Geoffrey N MctighePHD2007
Jessica L ShadePHD2007
Julia A SteeleMA2007
Kathleen M GehringMA2007
Kevin T HuntPHD2007
Luca BarattoniPHD2007
Marcelo D AmorimPHD2007
Maria Del Carmen Cana JimenezMA2007
Michelle Leroux GravattPHD2007
Paloma M AsensioPHD2007
Sarah L GlascoPHD2007
Tiffany D MillerMA2007
Abel Munoz-HermosoPHD2006
Ana M CorbalanPHD2006
Ann M SchnellMA2006
Ashlee S HeadrickPHD2006
Aylim De ChazalMA2006
Briana L LewisPHD2006
Chuck L JohnsonPHD2006
Elizabeth C. BrunoPHD2006
Ellis E. HughesMA2006
Emily Rose CranfordMA2006
Franck J DalmasPHD2006
Giosue ScaccianoceMA2006
Heather M KnorrMA2006
Helen F O'NealPHD2006
Honore Jean MissihounPHD2006
Jennifer Suzanne DevillePHD2006
Juan C MartinPHD2006
Kathleen C BoyleMA2006
Kerri A MunozPHD2006
Laura H YorkMA2006
Linda K SaborioPHD2006
Maria-Begona B Caballero-GarciaPHD2006
Maura P CrowleyPHD2006
May Summer FarnsworthPHD2006
Michele Suzanne DarrahMA2006
Olga T SeeligmanPHD2006
Patricia SuppesPHD2006
Simona MuratorePHD2006
Victoria L GarrettMA2006
William J VillalbaPHD2006
Yvonne CamachoPHD2006
Amy F. ChamblessPHD2005
Ana C MoutinhoPHD2005
Andrea M MirabilePHD2005
Caridad R MartinPHD2005
Carlos ValenciaPHD2005
Elizabeth Sarah CastellowMA2005
Elsa FilosaPHD2005
Emily E CrouseMA2005
Erica Mcclellan CobbPHD2005
Erica R FontesPHD2005
Isabel Cristina R. FerreiraMA2005
Joaquin E. BuenoMA2005
Jorge Munoz-OgayarPHD2005
Josefa Escribano LindquistPHD2005
Marco Alexandre De OliveiraMA2005
Marina Elias-MalarkaPHD2005
Patricia H Fuentes LimaMA2005
Patricia L SwierPHD2005
Rebeca R OlmedoPHD2005
Rosa Belen IbanezMA2005
Ryan D GilesPHD2005
Sergio FerraresePHD2005
Shannon W HahnMA2005
Sharon R ButlerMA2005
Silvia BoeroPHD2005
Sophie Rigolot AdamsonPHD2005
Trisha M HeathermanMA2005
Adriano Ralph DuquePHD2004
Anne Connelley HankinsonPHD2004
Anne E GillerMA2004
Beatriz Lomas-LozanoMA2004
Callie Ann Kessinger DebellisMA2004
Catherine A. I. ShadeMA2004
Christine Marie RistainoPHD2004
Corrado CorradiniPHD2004
Elizabeth Anne NobleMA2004
Elizabeth Brooke McknightMA2004
Elizabeth S GunnPHD2004
Gilles A ChossonPHD2004
Helene M. De FaysPHD2004
Isabel C CaballeroPHD2004
Jeffrey Scott WidmayerPHD2004
Jennifer D PendergrassMA2004
Jennifer Leigh LathamMA2004
Jennifer Robyn OlsonMA2004
Jessica L ShadeMA2004
Kathleen Marie McgregorPHD2004
Laura V FieldenMA2004
Luciana Camargo NamoratoPHD2004
Luis A AssisPHD2004
Marco Gomes Da SilvaPHD2004
Maria Angeles Pozo MontanoMA2004
Megan Mercedes EchevarriaPHD2004
Paul E PolitteMA2004
Pedro Jorge Carril LopesPHD2004
Regina L SantosPHD2004
Steve PuigMA2004
Susana Perez CastillejoMA2004
Typhaine Solange LeservotPHD2004
Xiomara CampilongoMA2004
Abel Munoz-HermosoMA2003
Aida P AbreuMA2003
Alicia A RaicheMA2003
Allison S ConnollyMA2003
Althea Molina ArguellesPHD2003
Amy C McnicholsPHD2003
Anna E IgouMA2003
Betsy Ann SandlinPHD2003
Cheryl J WalkerMA2003
Elizabeth Maria KisslingMA2003
Emily Ellen SternPHD2003
Emma Louise ClaggettMA2003
Erica R FontesMA2003
Gwynne Heather JunkinMA2003
Helen F O'NealMA2003
Jaime M. FerranPHD2003
John Kitchen Moore JrPHD2003
John ReuningMA2003
Liliana SimonMA2003
Lisa Margaret MerschelPHD2003
Maria Begona BuxensMA2003
Mark A DowellMA2003
Matthew Lee HarperMA2003
Miren Edurne PortelaPHD2003
Nathalie Lesya EttzevoglouMA2003
Reyes Caballo MarquezMA2003
Ryan D GilesMA2003
Sarah Louise McclintockMA2003
Scott D YoungdahlMA2003
Shannon Hogan Cottin-BizonnePHD2003
Sharon E KnightPHD2003
Simona MuratoreMA2003
Sonia MaquedaPHD2003
Violeta Maria Padron-BermejoPHD2003
Bridgette Wells GunnelsPHD2002
Christina F ChabrierPHD2002
Christine A ClayMA2002
Craig J SnyderMA2002
Davetta L EysterMA2002
Elisabeth MariePHD2002
Elizabeth C. BrunoMA2002
Jana Francesca GutierrezPHD2002
Jennifer Merritt LopesMA2002
Jorge Munoz-OgayarMA2002
Kevin T HuntMA2002
Leigh Aren SpenceMA2002
Leslie Allen SmithMA2002
Luis Ernesto ArevaloPHD2002
Malgorzata A LeePHD2002
Manhal D DandashiMA2002
Mary Jo CarsonMA2002
Matthew Kyle Di CintioMA2002
May Summer FarnsworthMA2002
Mckenna L CoxMA2002
Monica Nadler PrataPHD2002
Nancy Cecropia WilsonMA2002
Paloma M AsensioMA2002
Rossana Victoria PattroniPHD2002
Rui Manuel F. L. TorresPHD2002
Sara Davis JuarezMA2002
Tamara J PattonPHD2002
Uchenna Pamela VasserPHD2002
Valerie Celine PruvostPHD2002