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ROMS Graduate Programs

Each Romance Studies graduate program offers advanced interdisciplinary training by the department’s world-class faculty, whose research reflects the wide range of approaches that constitute the study of the humanities today. All programs combine academics with comprehensive training in teaching and attention to professional development.



The Graduate Program in French and Francophone Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill trains scholars and teachers in the analysis of the literature and culture of the Francophone world.


The Graduate Program in Italian Studies enables students to work across the whole spectrum of the humanities and social sciences, while considering Italy at the confluence of cultures, territories, and imagination to be seen through multiple lenses.

Hispanic Linguistics

The Graduate Program in Hispanic Linguistics is a dual track program where students can receive a MA in Linguistics and then proceed to a PhD in Romance Studies.


The Graduate Program in Literatures, Languages, and Cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas aims to equip scholars, researchers, and teachers with the necessary skills to analyze the literary, linguistic, and cultural production associated with these regions of the world.

ROMS Graduate Support Team

Juan Carlos González Espitia
Advisor for Spanish Graduate Studies
Serenella Iovino
Advisor for Italian Graduate Studies
Ellen Welch
Advisor for French Graduate Studies
Carmen Hsu
Director of Graduate Studies
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Lauren Lisinski
Graduate Student Services Manager

Why Choose a ROMS Graduate Program?

Katelyn Howard
Current Graduate Student
Above all, I am wholly indebted to the ROMS (Spanish) faculty for their exceptional mentorship, both academically and personally. As a first generation graduate student, I needed a lot of support; my Dissertation Director, the Director of Spanish Language Instruction, and my Spanish Course Coordinators always went above and beyond to help me succeed. They have significantly shaped me as a scholar, a Spanish instructor, and as an individual in general, and I strive to mentor my students (current and future) in the ways they have mentored me. ¡Gracias!
Alejandra Márquez
Graduate Alumni
My experience as a PhD student at ROMS helped me adequately prepare for my current position as an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Michigan State University. The department has world-class faculty whose teaching, feedback, and willingness to help allowed me to get to where I am today. I was also given opportunities to teach a variety of courses as a graduate student, helping me better understand how to create innovative classes. Furthermore, my cohort was instrumental in growing as a scholar and colleague and I am happy to say that I continue to collaborate with peers that I met while at UNC. ROMS is a fantastic department and it was certainly the best choice for me.
Francisco Chen-Lopez
Graduate Alumni
As an international student, I truly appreciate the accepting and friendly environment ROMS has created. I met wonderful colleagues and mentors and started friendships that I anticipate lasting for the rest of our lives. During my graduate studies, I was well prepared for a career in academia. Thanks to the excellent mentorship I received, as a Ph.D. candidate who went on the job market for the first time, I was able to secure a tenure-track position at Spelman College. All this would not be possible without ROMS.
Chloe Hamer
Chloe Hamer
Study Abroad / Exchange Graduate Student

My participation in the ROMS teaching exchange program at the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III has been invaluable for my development as an instructor and as a scholar. The yearlong teaching exchange program allowed me to immerse myself in the French language and culture, granted me access to countless scholarly resources, and pushed me to become a more effective and adaptable teacher. The skills that I have gained and the information that I have learned during my time in the ROMS teaching exchange program have already allowed me to pursue exciting new teaching opportunities, and I am certain that this experience will continue to open doors for my career as a teacher and scholar in the future!

Che Sokol
Che Sokol
Current Graduate Student

My experience as an exchange instructor at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France has not only improved my French language fluency and given me teaching experience in a different education system, but also helped me foster academic relationships. Through this opportunity, I’ve been able to attend Mediterranean film festivals, access scholarly archives, and make social connections that have reinvigorated my research. The mentorship and support of ROMS faculty and administration has been integral to my development as a teacher and researcher.