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Untitled-1Gladys Alvarez
Office Assistant
Gladys Alvarez is a junior transfer from Sanford, North Carolina and is double majoring in Global Studies and Hispanic Literature & Cultures. She is a proud Latina of Mexican and Salvadoran heritage. In her spare time, she likes to go out and meet new people and make connections that lead to long conversations. Her interests include learning about different cultures, languages, and telenovelas/tv shows.
Untitled-1Enel Garcia
Office Assistant
Enel Garcia is a first generation Sophomore student from Graham, North Carolina. Currently he's working towards a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Science with a Minor in Hispanic Studies. Aside from being a part of the Romance Department's work studies and his schoolwork, Enel plays baritone for UNC's symphonic and marching bands.
Untitled-1Hollis Smith
Office Assistant
Hollis Smith is a freshman from Clover, South Carolina. She is currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Hispanic Linguistics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, playing guitar, cooking (especially with avocados), and watching reality television.
Untitled-1Terry Neza
Office Assistant
Terry Neza is a junior from High Point, North Carolina. He was raised in Geneva, Switzerland for 12 years, and identifies as Rwandan. Terry is currently majoring in Computer Science, and enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends/family and playing video games in his spare time.
Untitled-1Annie Villacis
Office Assistant
Annie Villacis is a second semester senior (sad boi szn). She is majoring in Business Administration and after graduation will be working in Charlotte for Red Ventures as a Digital Marketing Analyst. As a GLOBE scholar, Annie has just completed a year abroad, living in both Hong Kong and Copenhagen so feel free to talk to her about her traveling experiences! In her spare time Annie enjoys cooking, weightlifting and listening to Bad Bunny (YHLQMDLG).