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UNC-CH has a rich tradition of Italian studies, including courses on language, literature, film, food, politics, history, philosophy, and theater. The field of Italian is growing, with increasing course offerings and an increasing number of enrolled students and majors.

Students may obtain a major or minor in Italian, and many combine Italian with their other areas of specialization. This degree is a popular choice for those interested in careers in journalism, diplomacy, international business or education, or for those seeking a well-rounded education in preparation for medical or law school after College. Students who major in Italian may take up to 3 courses in related departments such as Classics, History, Art History, Music, Political Science, Global Studies, Communication, and Women’s Studies.

All students of Italian have the opportunity to spend a summer, semester or academic year in Italy, participating in several distinguished study-abroad programs there. While at UNC, students may participate in many extracurricular activities, including the Italian Club, the Italian film series, the Italian Literary Festival, the Italian Honor Society, and an Italian conversation group. Undergraduates interested in research in our field are encouraged to pursue an Honor’s Thesis with one of our faculty members or to work on an original research project to present at UNC’s annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research.

A prerequisite for entering the major is knowledge of the Italian language demonstrated by successfully completing ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian II, or ITAL 402 Intermediate Accelerated Italian, or the equivalent.

The requirements for the major consist of eight courses:

  • ITAL 300 Communicating in Italian: Media, Culture and Society
  • Seven additional ITAL courses numbered between 300 and 699 (excluding 401, 402, and 691H)

NOTE: Up to three of the seven additional courses may be taken at the 100- or 200- level or in related fields such as Classics, History, Political Science, Art, Music, Global Studies, Geography, Comparative Literature, and Economics, with approval of the Undergraduate Advisor in Italian.

The minor in Italian consists of a minimum of five courses selected from major courses numbered between 300 and 699, excluding 401, 402, and 691H. One of the five courses must be ITAL 300 Communicating in Italian: Media, Culture and Society.

Among the remaining four electives, one can be taken in a related field (such as Classics, History, Political Science, Art, Music, Global Studies, Geography, Comparative Literature, and Economics) or can be a 200-level course in Italian (excluding ITAL 203 & ITAL 204).


For a full list of available courses, visit UNC’s catalog page.
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