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Putting Literature and History in Dialogue

M 2:30-5:00pm, Prof. Donald Reid (

In this course, we will discuss a number of twentieth-century novels. I will present to the class the particular historical context in which each is situated. Students will not read any “history books,” although we will read these novels as history books of a radically new sort. Our goal is to examine how the imagined worlds authors create in these novels pose and respond to important questions about lived experience in the past that historians do not ask or are unable to answer using the tools of analysis of their own discipline. All readings will be in English, but almost all of the authors discussed in the class wrote in French, including Assia Djebar, Yasmina Khadra, André Malraux, Paul Nizan, Sembene Ousmane, Jorge Semprún, and Victor Serge.

In order to count this course towards the major/minor, please contact to have your Tar Heel Tracker adjusted. Please also feel free to contact Prof. Reid for more information; he would be pleased to talk with you. *Taught in English.

Previously Offered:

Fall 2021