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Afro-Hispanic Language Contacts

Instructor: Prof. Marta Ruiz Garcia

This course not only provides information on how African slaves created their own language (while they were learning Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese), but it also explains how they influenced the Latin American dialects, such as Caribbean and Chocó Spanish. In this course you will study the characteristics of Spanish spoken by African descendants (Afro-Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panamá, etc.). Most importantly, we will explore the Palenquero, a Spanish based Creole of Colombia created by runaway slaves. Moreover, this course will study the African influence in art, music, and religion. Historical, linguistic, and cultural evidence will be a part of this course to assess the impact of Africa in Latin America. Assignments include a presentation, a midterm, a final research paper, and a final exam.

Prerequisites:  SPAN 261 or 267, 300, 301, 360, or 376

Previously Offered:
Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2021