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Languages of Spain II

This course is a continuation of SPAN 414 and will focus on the language and literature of the Basque Country. Located in the north of Spain and south of France, the Basque Country is home to one of the oldest languages still spoken in the world. Not related to any other language, learning about the Basque Country and their people will help you see the nuances of the multiculturalism of Spain. More than half of the semester will be devoted to language learning, and the remaining time to literature. We will explore Basque authors that are part of the Spanish canon (like Unamuno or Pio Baroja) and others that are not (like Aresti and Atxaga).

Although the class is part of the Spanish department, it will be taught both in Spanish and English. Students will use and create texts in English and Spanish, as well as complete Basque assignment sheets.

Note: This course counts towards all Spanish minors and majors.

Prerequisite: SPAN 414

Instructional mode: synchronous remote

Previously Offered:

Spring 2021: Basque

Spring 2016: Euskera (Basque)

Spring 2015: Catalan

Spring 2014: Galician