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Asia in Iberian Converso Literature, 1500s-1650s

What does Asia represent to Iberian Christian writers of Jewish descent in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? How do Iberian conversos represent their identities through their writings on Asia? How do the depictions of different Asian people come into play in these authors┬┐ notion of personal identities and nationhood? This course examines how early modern Iberian authors of Jewish heritage imagined and represented Asia in their writings, how their representation of the non-European world dialogues with contemporary events in the Iberian Peninsular, and the significance of their notions of Asians. Upon the successful completion of the course, students will full fill Gen Ed requirements (WB and LA) and gain a better understanding of Iberian converso culture in a transoceanic and multicultural frame, in addition to acquiring a good knowledge of early modern European notions of Asia.


Previously Offered: Spring 2022