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SPAN 261

Advanced Spanish in Context

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SPAN 261 is a fifth-semester course that uses a variety of texts (literature, movies, newspaper articles, speeches, and essays) as a basis for reviewing grammatical concepts, developing writing competency, refining analytical skills, and improving overall communication abilities in Spanish. Through work on authentic and original texts, this course continues to focus on refining the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as further developing critical analytical capacities. With the readings and films, students will explore their socio-historical context and analyze the application of different linguistic structures as tools employed to create meaning and convey a message. Students will be expected to do a significant amount of reading and writing in Spanish 261. Honors version available.

Prerequisite: SPAN 204 or SPAN 205.

Note: SPAN 261 is the prerequisite for all upper-level courses in Spanish.

Spanish Undergraduate Advising Team

Gosia Lee
Hispanic Literatures & Cultures Major, Hispanic Studies Minor Advisor
Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Hispanic Linguistics Major Advisor
Hélène de Fays
Interim Spanish Translation & Interpreting Minor Advisor
Elizabeth Bruno
Spanish Minor for the Professions
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist