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SPAN 360

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

Instructor: Prof. Lamar Graham

This course is a survey of the basic linguistics topics in the study of the Spanish language, from the point of view of contemporary linguistic theory. In this course, various concepts from the primary linguistic fields will be introduced: phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, among others. Upon completion of this course, each student will have a greater understanding of the basic grammatical patterns of Spanish and will be prepared to take more advanced Hispanic Linguistics courses.

Este curso se dará en español.

Note: This course is required for all Hispanic Linguistics majors and must be taken prior to most Hispanic Linguistics courses numbered 5xx and above.

Requisites: Prerequisite, SPAN 300 or 301

Same as: LING 360

Spanish Undergraduate Advising Team

Gosia Lee
Hispanic Literatures & Cultures Major, Hispanic Studies Minor Advisor
Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Hispanic Linguistics Major Advisor
Hélène de Fays
Interim Spanish Translation & Interpreting Minor Advisor
Elizabeth Bruno
Spanish Minor for the Professions
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist