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Languages of Spain II

Continuation of the study of the language and culture of one of the languages of Spain other than Spanish. Selection will vary according to term: Catalan, Euskera, Galician.

Prerequisite: SPAN 414; or instructor’s permission

Instructor: Prof. Pello Huesa

Spanish 415/ Basque Language and Culture II” is an introductory course on the language and culture of the Basque region in Spain and France where Basque is spoken. The language component is designed to develop all language skills –speaking, listening, reading, and writing– and to reach an elementary proficiency in the Basque language. The cultural component is intended to provide the students with some context to understand and appreciate the cultural manifestations produced in the Basque Country. Approximately half of the course will be devoted to Basque language, and the other half to Basque culture. This course is useful for students who want to learn about Basque culture or about less common languages, but also for those who want to deepen their understanding of the civilization and culture of the Iberian Peninsula. Class will be conducted in Spanish (and Basque)”

Spring 2022: Galician

Spring 2021: Basque

Spring 2016: Euskera (Basque)

Spring 2015: Catalan

Spring 2014: Galician