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Department of Romance Studies

The Department of Romance Studies is a diverse, plurilingual academic unit that engages in research and the study of French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.






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April 10, 2023


January 18, 2023

Carolina Conference for Romance Studies

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Study Abroad

The Department of Romance Studies strongly encourages all of its students, and especially its majors and minors, to participate in a study abroad experience. Studying in another country is a challenging, life-changing, and never-forgotten experience.

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Tuesday 12:00 am

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Wednesday 12:00 am

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Thursday 12:00 am

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Friday 12:00 am

Looking for Advising?

Lamar Graham
Graduate Advisor for Hispanic Linguistics
Gosia Lee
Undergraduate Advisor of Spanish & Italian
Spanish & Italian
Dorothea Heitsch
Undergraduate Advisor for French

What our Current Students and Alumni Say

Chloe Hamer

Study Abroad / Exchange Graduate Student

“My participation in the ROMS teaching exchange program at the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III has been invaluable for my development as an instructor and as a scholar. The yearlong teaching exchange program allowed me to immerse myself in the French language and culture, granted me access to countless scholarly resources, and pushed me to become a more effective and adaptable teacher. The skills that I have gained and the information that I have learned during my time in the ROMS teaching exchange program have already allowed me to pursue exciting new teaching opportunities, and I am certain that this experience will continue to open doors for my career as a teacher and scholar in the future!“

William Thomason

Undergrad Alum

“Because of the knowledge and experience I gained from my Spanish classes at UNC, I am able to comfortably work with Spanish-speaking youth in New York City and abroad. With a broad knowledge of the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, along with Spanish communication skills I learned throughout my time at UNC, I lead culturally responsive arts workshops with confidence. My work in the international non-profit sector has been enhanced because of the abilities that I sharpened through my experience in the UNC Department of Romance Studies.“