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Department of Romance Studies

The Department of Romance Studies is a diverse, plurilingual academic unit that engages in research and the study of French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.







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Recent News

February 20, 2024

ROMS Graduate Teaching Fellows Santi Giron Gesteira and Emanuele Stefanori Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

February 2, 2024

Prof. Lorna Aviles Honored with a 2024 Johnston Teaching Excellence Award

April 10, 2023


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Study Abroad

The Department of Romance Studies strongly encourages all of its students, and especially its majors and minors, to participate in a study abroad experience. Studying in another country is a challenging, life-changing, and never-forgotten experience.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Looking for Advising?

Juan Carlos González Espitia
Graduate Advisor for Spanish
Serenella Iovino
Graduate Advisor for Italian
Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Spanish Advisor (Hispanic Linguistics Major)

What our Current Students and Alumni Say

Brenna Kuder

Undergrad Alum

ROMS helped me to unlock some amazing opportunities in my undergraduate career. One of the professors helped me study abroad in Ecuador, where I gained a deeper understanding of the language. I want to go into agriculture, and with the skills that I was taught in my many Spanish classes, I was able to tour large flower farms while abroad and understand the intricacies of their day-to-day operations. That knowledge has already helped me in my farming jobs at home, as well as given me the chance to work beyond the U.S. I am excited to see where my Spanish minor takes me, and I am grateful to the grammar, vocabulary, and culture that I studied during my time with ROMS.“

Katelyn Howard

Current Graduate Student

Above all, I am wholly indebted to the ROMS (Spanish) faculty for their exceptional mentorship, both academically and personally. As a first generation graduate student, I needed a lot of support; my Dissertation Director, the Director of Spanish Language Instruction, and my Spanish Course Coordinators always went above and beyond to help me succeed. They have significantly shaped me as a scholar, a Spanish instructor, and as an individual in general, and I strive to mentor my students (current and future) in the ways they have mentored me. ¡Gracias!“