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Summer II Last Day to Add

Last day for all students to add a class inSummer II using the web registration system.URL:

Summer II Administrative Add/Drop Ends

Last day for schools/departments to add or drop a class for studentsURL:

Summer II Last Day to Drop

Last day to drop a summer II class on web for tuition and fee credit by 5pm.URL:

Tar Heel Tracker Basics

In this class you will learn about the various Tar Heel Tracker reports, how to access them in ConnectCarolina, and how to understand the report. Some of the topics we will cover include: using the What-If reportidentifying and understanding adjustments … Continued

ConnectCarolina Course Management Access

Description:During this session, you will see demonstrations in how to manage courses in a term. This will include setting up courses, adding instructors, enrollment, waitlists, crosslists. Workshops will be available upon request in the training room in the registrar’s office … Continued

Tar Heel Tracker RAM Training

The Requirement Adjustment Module, known as RAM, is a new system that enables the user to make adjustments to the Tar Heel Tracker in real-time. As courses enter the Tar Heel Tracker, they fall into the first requirement that is … Continued

First Year Undergraduate Registration Enrollment Appointments

Incoming first year students are assigned two‐day enrollment appointments for registration in ConnectCarolina based upon their orientation attendanceURL:

Do you have a ROMS event to promote?

Click here to give us the details. We’ll post it on our ROMS calendar!