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Bartley Meinke

Ph. D. Student

At UNC since Fall 2023


  • BA French Language and Literature, University of Northern Iowa, 2004
  • BA Music Performance, Bassoon, University of Northern Iowa, 2004
  • MAT World Language Education, University of Iowa, 2016
  • MA French Literature and Culture, University of Iowa, 2016
  • MA Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education K-12, University of Iowa, 2019
  • About Bartley

    Bart double majored in music and French at the University of Northern Iowa and began studying the works of authors from the Maghreb and the Mashrek. He had the opportunity to work with Dr. Deidre Heistad of the University of Northern Iowa, and the Lebanese author Evelyne Accad, and first published an interview and essay in Evelyne Accad: Explorations. At the University of Iowa, Bart began his masters work, where he studied literature and poetry of the 16th century with Dr. Geoffry Hope, and focused his master’s degree exams on the 20th century novels and plays of Camus and Sartre, and the absurdist theater of Genet, Beckett, and Ionesco, with the help of Dr. Rosemary Scullion. Bart also focused his MAT work on the history and methodology of world language education, and error correction in the world language classroom under the direction of Dr. Pamela Wesely. He is an active member of the AATF, ACTFL, and other organizations promoting world language education in the K-16 classroom.

    When not studying language learning and literature, Bart has spent over 10 years in the high school classroom, working with young world language learners and developing curriculum in Advanced Placement French Curriculum, dual credit high school/college French, and in Gifted and Talented/ELP Curriculum for the K-12 Classroom. When not teaching or studying, Bart performs in the UNC Orchestra on Bassoon, the Raleigh Area Flute Association flute choirs, and in the Cedarsummerstock Theatre troupe where he works with and performs with young musicians to prepare musical theater productions in the Midwest.

    Typical Courses Taught

  • FREN 101
  • FREN 105
  • FREN 203