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Connor Stenz

Ph. D. Student

At UNC since 2023
Dey 219


B.A in French - University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

About Connor

Mr. Connor Stenz is a Ph.D. Student at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. During and after earning his bachelor's degree, he worked as a French translator/interpreter, whereupon he decided that the hamster wheel of punching a time clock and answering phones all day until he falls over dead wasn’t for him. He therefore left his life and family in Wisconsin behind to pursue his passion of teaching and research, where he's happily contributing to the expansion of human knowledge of and not wasting time chasing after a paycheck…although he doesn’t mind occasionally dabbling in worldly vices. His scholarly interests include:

  • The Grimoire, from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century—particularly those in French
  • Occult/Esoteric thought, practice, and theory through the 17th-19th centuries in France
  • The 19th Century French Occult Revival
  • Esoterica in the 18th-19th century French novel
  • Anti-Christianity during the French Renaissance
  • Translation Theory
  • Avant-garde art and literature
  • History of Metal & Black Metal Theory (BMT)
  • And several more.
  • When he's not reading, teaching, writing, etc., he can typically be found in his lair listening to anything except Avenged Sevenfold, playing video games, learning Gaelic Irish (dhia dhuit!), getting the knots out of his hair, or...reading and writing. He hopes to one day teach and research in his field at a university, but he's sure that he'll survive no matter where he ends up.

    Typical Courses Taught