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Emanuele Stefanori

PH. D. Graduate in Italian
Graduated from UNC in
Advised by Professor Serenella Iovino


M.A., Italian Studies, Roma Tre University

About Emanuele

Emanuele Stefanori is a Ph.D. Candidate in Italian. His dissertation titled “The Detective’s Tools: Investigating Technology in Italian Crime Fiction” centers around the role of forensic science, technological devices, and mechanical objects as non-human actors in Italian detective fiction, from the 1930s to the present. His research interests include but are not limited to 20th- and 21st- century Italian literature, crime fiction, Film and Media Studies, and Second Language Acquisition.


Stefanori, Emanuele et al. Andiamo fuori! Attività per imparare l'italiano all'aperto. Alma Edizioni, 2017.

Awards & Honors

Tanner Award for Undergraduate Teaching by Teaching Assistants, 2024.

Armida Marconi Falvo Award for Excellence in Italian Studies, 2023.

Dana B. Drake Award for Excellence in Teaching Italian, 2020.

Typical Courses Taught

ITAL 101, Elementary Italian I

ITAL 102, Elementary Italian II

ITAL 203, Intermediate Italian I

ITAL 204, Intermediate Italian II

ITAL 335, Themes in Italian Film: "Urban Spaces"

ITAL 343, Italian Culture Today

ITAL 401, Beginner Accelerated Italian

ITAL 402, Intermediate Accelerated Italian