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Mónica López-Vázquez

Ph.D. Student
Hispanic Linguistics

Dey Hall 117

About Mónica

As an MD graduate from Mexico, specializing in Audiology & Otoneurology, and holding a Master's in Creative Writing, Mónica has now transitioned into the Hispanic Linguistics Ph.D. program. In collaboration with the UNAM Linguistic Group of Engineering, her inaugural graduate research embarked on a detailed exploration titled "A Comprehensive Examination of Emoji Usage in Mexican Spanish Whatsapp Corpus: A Mixed-Method Linguistic Approach."

Building on her analytic background, Mónica employed both quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze a database on Heritage Language Learners. Drawing from her findings, she crafted a diagnostic tool aiming to unearth the motivations and requirements of heritage language learners across languages at UNC. This instrument is set to reach a broad audience, targeting both undergraduate and graduate students across various UNC campuses and beyond. The overarching ambition of this survey is to lay foundational insights for specialized course development.

Transitioning into another domain of expertise, Mónica has engaged in impactful projects at the Carolina Institute of Developmental Disabilities. She has been instrumental in localizing, formulating, and translating medical data, diagnostic resources, and tools tailored for the Hispanic community. Her pivotal role in the "Experiences of Spanish-Speaking Families with a Remote Neurodevelopmental Assessment" project is noteworthy. Presently, Mónica is channeling her energies into creating written and audio resources, including a podcast, aimed at assisting Hispanic families with potentially developmentally-challenged children.

In parallel, Mónica is also drafting a proposal focused on advanced instruction and Spanish certification tailored for Healthcare Providers.

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Typical Courses Taught

SPAN 105