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Sage Aviles

Ph.D. Student
Hispanic Linguistics

At UNC since 2022
Advised by Professor Lamar Graham
Dey 117


SUNY New Paltz, NY B.A. Linguistics, Minors: Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

About Sage

Sage is an ambitious learner who loves new things. Their research interests are primarily in sociolinguistics and pragmatics, however they also have interests in psycholinguistics and modern language evolution. They also appreciate thinking about dialectal variation. Sage enjoys learning new languages, and is currently learning Portuguese. Sage has also studied ASL and Yucatec Maya. They would love to teach a modern language class on GenZ terminology and it's intersection with AAVE and Queer culture. It would be cool to have both English and Spanish 'slang' classes.

While at SUNY New Paltz, they virtually presented at the 2022 Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium through John Hopkins University on "Language Change during COVID-19". Sage ended up here at UNC because they wanted a 'good Linguistics program', 'a good school', and somewhere 'warmer than New York'.


M.A. thesis to be presented at the 2024 SLINKI/SLISE conference in Charleston, SC: poster presentation.

Typical Courses Taught