Associate Professor of Spanish | Dey 326

At UNC since 2008

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Editor of Romance Notes


Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2008
M.A. University of Virginia, 2004
Licenciada en Filología Hispánica, Universidad de Valencia, 2002


Irene Gómez Castellano specializes in Modern and Contemporary Iberian literature, with a focus on poetry and visual studies. Her works explore aesthetic and social questions in canonical and non-canonical texts by applying as theoretical frameworks methodologies from other disciplines in the humanities such as music, art and cinema. Irene Gómez Castellano is the author of a book, La cultura de las máscaras (Madrid and Frankfurt: Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2012) and is the co-editor, with Aurélie Vialette, of the volume Dissonances of Modernity: Music, Text and Performance in Modern Spain. Irene Gómez Castellano’s articles have appeared in venues such as the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Revista Hispánica Moderna, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Revista Iberoamericana, Catalan Review, Dieciocho, and Goya: Revista de arte. Irene Gómez Castellano is the author of the collection of poems Natación (Leiden: Bokeh-Almenara, 2015) and has been the recipient of the Premio Victoria Urbano de Creación awarded by the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica.

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Typical Courses

  • Survey of Spanish Literature from 1700 to the Present
  • Luces: Transatlantic Enlightenment (co-taught with Juan Carlos González Espitia)
  • Transatlantic Poetry
  • The 18th Century in Spain

Recently Directed Dissertations

  • Antonio Balsón (2016), “De Vidanes a Campazas. El Itinerario literario de Francisco de Isla antes del Fray Gerundio”
  • Maria C. Fellie (2016), “Antonio Colinas: A Critical Introduction to the Foundational Poetic Works with Selected Translations”
  • Keri N. Chandler (2013), “The Nature of Woman: Spanish Women Poets of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”

Graduate Students Advised by Professor Gomez-Castellano 

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