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Spring 2023 Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses being offered in Spring 2023

These are courses that may be of interest to advanced undergraduate students.

This list is for reference purposes only.  Please check ConnectCarolina for all official course offerings & meeting times for the semester.

For questions about any of our majors, minors or Study Abroad, please contact a ROMS advisor.

First Year Seminars & Special Topic Romance Language Courses

Courses Name
ROML 63 Forging Alliances: Religion, War, and Cultural Transference on the Camino de Santiago
ROML 89 FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR: Déjà vu–Medicine and Narration across Time and Space

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FREN 186 Food for Thought: Cultures of Cuisine in Modern France
FREN 255 Conversation I
FREN 260 Literature and the French-Speaking World
FREN 288 Francophone Caribbean Literature in Translation
FREN 300 French Grammar Review and Composition
FREN 311 & 312 For students enrolled in UNC in Montpellier
FREN 354 Francophone Poetry and Slam
FREN 375 Francophone Literature and Film (Le Maghreb : La poétique du désert)
FREN/CMPL 389 The History of French Cinema II
FREN 390 Special Topics in French and Francophone Studies – Les jeux
FREN 490 La culture de la mode, XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles
FREN 501 French for the Health Professions
FREN/CMPL 563  Studies in Anglo-French Renaissance: Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Early Modern Political Thought


Courses Name



Courses  Name 
PORT 323 Advanced Communication in Portuguese: Nature, History, and Society
PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian, and Luso-African Identity in Film
PORT 520 Climate Change and The Cultural Imagination: Lusophone Interpretations


Courses Name 
SPAN 255 Conversation I
SPAN 261 Advanced Spanish in Context
SPAN 267 Advanced Spanish in Context for Heritage Learners
SPAN 292 Approaches to Spanish Language Teaching
SPAN 300 Grammar and Structure of Spanish
SPAN 301 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
SPAN 320 Spanish for Business (First Semester)
SPAN 321 Spanish for the Medical Professions (First Semester)
SPAN 324 Spanish for Law (Second Semester)
SPAN 325 Spanish for Business (Second Semester)
SPAN 328 Spanish for the Medical Professions (Second Semester)
SPAN 329 Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement
SPAN 338 Trans-Atlantic Cultural Topics: The making (and unmaking) of the Spanish Empire
SPAN 344.001 Latin American Culture Topics: Latin American Culture Topics: Nation and the Transnational: Borders, Immigration, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
SPAN 344.002 Latin American Culture Topics: Latin American Culture Topics: Latin American Futurisms
SPAN 344.003 Latin American Culture Topics: Living in the Hyphen – How Latinos are Defining and Re-defining their Identity in the US
SPAN 351 Spanish Interpreting I
SPAN 352 Spanish Interpreting II
SPAN 360 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 361 Hispanic Film: The Good, the Bad and the Other: Latinos in Hollywood and Hispanic Cinema
SPAN 369 Introduction to Translation
SPAN 371.001 Studies in Spanish Literature: Heroes, nemeses, damsels “in distress”, women with character, monsters, demons, and the deadly sins in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature
SPAN 371.002 Studies in Spanish Literature: Love and Conflict in Spanish Literature
SPAN 373.002 Studies in Spanish American Literature:
SPAN 376 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
SPAN 378 Afro-Hispanic Language Contacts
SPAN 381 Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry: Masterpieces of Spanish and Spanish American Poetry. (La muerte viva de la poesía hispánica)
SPAN 415 Basque Language and Culture II
SPAN 613 Encountering Difference: Experience and Imagination in Spanish American Colonial through Romantic Literature (1492-1872)